Bild cover Jurgen Klopp a lot.

The Liverpool boss is the most high profile German manager in football, and the newspaper follow his every move. Therefore it’s no surprise to see daily articles from them on all aspects of Klopp’s life and career.

Today, though, is a little different.

Bild have noticed that Klopp is losing his hair. This isn’t a new thing, he had a hair transplant in 2013 to address the issue, however, it’s a problem which has returned for the Liverpool manager.

It’s explained that as part of the 2013 process, Dr. Malte Villnow transplanted hair from the back of Klopp’s head to the front, to fix his receding hairline. Yet things have got worse since.

Bild have even gone to the extent of speaking to Dr. Villnow, and asking about the causes, seemingly trying to horseshoe in a link between the hair loss and the difficult season Liverpool are having after their successes in recent years.

Villnow is quoted as saying: “The testosterone in him continues to work. That leads to hair loss as we see it here. 

“It can be related to stress, he has a lot to do at Liverpool. But with him it is hereditary.”

Therefore, it appears this issue isn’t down to the Reds’ struggles.