Emiliano Martinez made a mistake against Manchester United at the weekend, which saw a shot from Bruno Fernandes squirm through his grasp and end up in the back of the net.

The goalkeeper was on good form for the rest of the match and played a big part as Aston Villa fought back to draw the Premier League game 2-2.

As Aston Villa fans will be aware, Martinez has made himself some enemies both in English football and in South America. That’s because of his passionate approach to the game, and it’s something welcomed by the teams he plays for.

Nevertheless, it meant that after the mistake, Martinez was mocked by many, including a good number of Colombian fans who haven’t forgot his antics whilst playing against their side at the Copa America.

Journalist Pablo Carrozza has now backed the stopper and sent a message to those who want to criticise the Aston Villa player.

Quoted by Semana, Carrozza said: “I can’t believe that there are people who condemn Dibu Martínez for a mistake and talk about being overrated. The guy made an entire country happy, and thanks to him, today the kids want to be goalkeepers.

“For me, let him eat ten goals per match and continue smashing it with the national team. He sold out the goalkeeper shirts for Christmas, he became a popular idol and here they criticise him because he ate a goal with Aston Villa.

“Who cares about the English league? These criticisms must be left to Colombians, who cannot get it out of the inside. Dibu made us win the Copa America.”