Following the Champions League title win, Manchester City goalkeeper Ederson was one of the last to arrive at Brazil’s national team camp in China.

On Thursday, he held a press conference (via Globo Esporte), and obviously had many questions regarding the treble he’s just won.

The celebrations by Manchester City stars got big attention from the Brazilian media, so Ederson was quizzed about that, especially regarding the large amounts of alcohol involved in the parties.

“After a very exhausting and incredible season, only United had managed to do it, of course we have to enjoy and let our emotions out. These are months of intense work. Who drinks, drinks. 99% of the group drank, enjoyed it. Many players ended only on Monday. That’s part of it. Gotta enjoy the good times.”

With Brazilian journalists insisting on knowing more of what happened, Ederson ended up mentioning a few names who had a memorable time in the celebrations.

“The missing 1% is Nathan Aké, there are others who don’t drink, but they made an exception. Ruben Dias went to make that exception, but it didn’t work out for him. Two shots and he blew it all out (laughs). Coincidentally, it was all in Jack Grealish’s mother’s bag.”

Ederson was asked specifically about Jack Grealish, and said that his teammate deserves everything he’s been conquering at Manchester City.

“Jack is a player who evolved a lot, I see how difficult it is for a player to leave a team in which he played a leading role and arrive at Manchester City as just another player, adapting to the process and philosophy of the coach. He always enjoys the days off and nothing fairer than that, on the days off you can do what you want, just like you journalists, a person in charge of a company.

“On my days off I like to have a glass of wine with friends. But Jack was a figure apart in these celebrations.”

Despite being Manchester City’s number one for years, Ederson still works to win the spot in the national team.

He left many people impressed with his performance in the Champions League final, and with Alisson getting some criticism for his form at the World Cup, the City star should now have a golden chance to win that place.