With three goals and two assists in six matches, it’s fair to say Bruno Fernandes didn’t need a lot of time to make a big impact at Manchester United.

Following a couple of seasons with great statistics at Sporting, the midfielder is now proving his quality in the Premier League, showing he’s able to keep his form anywhere he goes.

The 24-year-old scored once again at the weekend, and his goal has been mentioned during Sporting’s press conference on Monday.

Lions manager Silas claims he’s not surprised with Fernandes’ start with the Red Devils. Especially because long range shots is something he mastered at his old club.

“Was there any doubt that Bruno Fernandes was going to arrive at Manchester United and be what he is? He will do more,” Silas told the local press (via Record).

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“Imagine in a few months, when he is more integrated. I saw him training every day, honestly, I’ve never seen a player like Bruno, who spent an hour practicing shots after training. I had to say ‘Bruno, that’s enough’. When he goes to a team like that, which is also good, it’s normal. He’s very outgoing, can adapt easily.”

Bruno Fernandes’ stats at Sporting had always been impressive, since he only needed 188 minutes to score a goal for the club. But his start at Manchester United is even better, as so far, he’s scored a goal every 145 minutes.