With Micky van de Ven back fit, Radu Dragusin ended up back on Tottenham’s bench for the 1-1 draw against West Ham at the weekend.

Unlike other occasions, however, the January signing remained on his seat for the entirety of the game, which will have frustrated the 22-year-old.

It’s always been said that patience is a virtue, and it’s something the Tottenham player was aware of when he signed and will need to keep in mind, as former centre-back Gabriel Tamas, who spoke to Pro Sport.

The 40-year-old enjoyed a lengthy spell of his career in the United Kingdom, playing for the likes of West Bromwich Albion, Doncaster, Watford and Cardiff, making 45 Premier League appearances in the process.

He started off by making it clear that he thought the Tottenham defender is a ‘talented player’, who is ‘very good tactically’, but who needs to ‘work on his speed’.

If he can’t, then the Spurs player needs to ‘approach football differently’, needing to adapt to the rigours of the Premier League.

He said: “I think he realised it after the Fulham game, it’s a different pace of play. No player can give 100% from the off. I say that from my own experience, because I’ve been that and I’ve seen what happens.

“You don’t get used to the weather, you don’t like the food, the family doesn’t like it, the girlfriend, the wife, the child, there are many factors. Slowly but surely you have to overcome them, get comfortable and make yourself at home to be able to give it your all.”

Dragusin came on for Tottenham in the 4-0 win against Aston Villa for 45 minutes, and then started in the 3-0 loss to Fulham and the 2-1 win against Luton Town.