We all have pipe dreams.

You know, those dreams you desperately want to happen but where you know, deep down, your chances of them coming true are slim to none.

Good examples would be winning the lottery, dating a celebrity or chucking a fiver on Leicester winning the Premier League tit… oh, that one did happen.

Either way, in order to achieve these, you have to do certain things, like buying lottery tickets, stalking said celebrity (we really don’t recommend doing this one) or losing a fiver a ye… no, wait, that really did happen.

Well, it turns out clubs also have these pipe dreams, and Inter Milan’s is to sign Tottenham’s Erik Lamela.

The Argentinean winger had a strong season under Mauricio Pochettino, and the Serie A club would love to make him one of their transfers this summer as Roberto Mancini looks to build a squad to compete for Champions League football next season.

However, they know this is highly unrealistic.

Inter Milan will only play in the Europa League next season, while Tottenham are in the Champions league, and his transfer cost and wages will be far too high for them to ever afford this summer.

Yet, according to Corriere dello Sport, this hasn’t stopped them from enquiring because, like buying that lottery ticket, you never know!

The Italian club also sent Javier Zanetti to Texas where the player will be with the Argentina squad during the Copa America semi-final in hope he could have a chat with him.

The Italian side have also targeted a backup option in Domenico Berardi for when they finally give up on Lamela, and that seems far more reasonable.

Then again, we live in a world where Leicester City won the Premier League last season, so in Inter’s eyes, anything is possible.