Smashing four goals past Sevilla in the Champions League, Olivier Giroud once again showed Frank Lampard what he’s missing by not playing him as much.

The Chelsea striker has always responded when called upon by his manager, and last week was no different.

It earned him a start against Leeds in the next Premier League game, in which he once again scored, helping his team walk away from Stamford Bridge with the three points in a 3-1 win.

Regularly sacrificing himself for the good of the team, the veteran has rarely complained about his situation, often committing himself to Chelsea even with a lack of minutes, but there will always reach a point where enough is enough.

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Last January was one of those, and prior to the Sevilla game, there was a feeling the Frenchman was edging closer to it once again.

Despite Lampard’s reluctance to use him regularly, the 34-year-old still has fervent fans in his home country, among which is former defender Habib Beye, who came to his rescue on Canal+.

Relayed by, he said: “Olivier Giroud is the type of striker that all managers would love to have in their team. He’s someone who rarely complains. When you call him up, he’s there. He has an exceptional career. Once again, to not see talent in Giroud, I find that incredible.

“If you define talent by double step overs and nutmegs, that’s not it. For me, Giroud has talent. He’s got the talent of a goalscorer. It’s engrained in him. Wherever he’s played, he’s scored goals, at club or international level. To not recognise his talent, it’s intellectual dishonesty from a few…”