With Portuguese newspaper Record today featuring front page news saying Sporting manager Ruben Amorim is set to have a meeting with Tottenham Hotspur, that’s obviously making some noise in the Lisbon media.

So as former Lions’ vice-president Antonio Menezes Rodrigues was today interviewed by Radio Renascença’s Bola Branca show, he made a few comments about the possibility of the manager walking out for Spurs at the end of the season.

“He’s a man of strong character and irreproachable ethics,” Menezes Rodrigues explained.

“I don’t think he’ll leave. It’s my intuition. In the moment of truth, Ruben will stay at Sporting for at least one more season.”

Still, he admitted that Amorim may have become “enthusiastic about Tottenham’s interest,” and should “do what’s best for him”.

It’s been reported that Amorim has a €20m release clause in his contract with Sporting, and Menezes Rodrigues also had some comments about that.

“€200m would be much better, but that depends on what was agreed with the coach. If the clause is €20m, there’s nothing to be done, that’s what Sporting are entitled to.”

As reported by Record, Amorim is not happy with the season Sporting just made, as they’re likely to stay out of the Champions League in 2023/24.

So even though the manager is set to speak to the Lions’ board about what went wrong, he’s also open to an exit, with the club aware that he’ll have meetings in the summer.

The newspaper claimed that Amorim is part of a short list that Tottenham have, so there’s still no indication whether he’s the number one option to replace Antonio Conte.