No, this is not déjà vu.

We know we covered a story about Arsenal scouting Andrija Zivkovic yesterday, but believe it or not, the Gunners’ interest in the Benfica winger is back being mentioned in today’s edition of Record.

As the Portuguese newspaper has a big story saying Fulham are interested in the 21-year-old, they just couldn’t ignore the fact that Arsene Wenger is said to be monitoring the player for a long time now.

Record recalls the fact that Arsenal emissaries were present at the Estádio da Luz on Saturday, and Zivkovic’s goal may have impressed the officials who were there to watch him.

Now they claim that since the player is followed by several European sides, summer may be the time when Benfica will finally get offers for him, even though they don’t know which club will be doing it.

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Arsenal have been linked to Zivkovic since early 2017, but apart from the scouting, no further talks have been reported.

It really sounds like the Gunners are just following the player’s development, and the news of ‘multiple offers’ in the summer could definitely be an ultimatum for an offer, which could turn into an auction.