Liverpool manager Jürgen Klopp has been accused of going ‘too far’ with his comments about German referee Felix Brych.

Brych was in charge for Liverpool’s trip to Real Madrid in the Champions League earlier this week, which the Spanish giants won 3-1.

Klopp was particularly angry following the game, annoyed by decisions that had gone against his team and particularly forward Sadio Mane, who saw several decisions and fouls not given in his favour.

It led to comments after the game from the Liverpool boss, who accused the referee of letting ‘personal reasons’ affect his decision making.

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That has not gone down well in Germany, naturally, where they were less than impressed by the Liverpool manager’s comments about one of their own.

Journalist Marcel Reif is one of those who wasn’t happy with what he heard and has hit out at the Liverpool boss as a result.

“If it wasn’t the saintly Klopp with his reputation and standing, then you could also imagine that they would say: ‘we won’t let that pass’,” he told BILD, saying Klopp went ‘decidedly too far’ with his comments.

“To impute personal motives to a referee to whistle or not to whistle things is a strong thing, but what Klopp makes of it afterwards is indecent.

“There is a limit, and he hasn’t just been a coach since last year.

“No coach likes to lose, yet winning and losing is part of it, as far as I know – and it’s also about dealing with each other in a decent way.”