For a while Antonio Conte hasn’t hidden his dissatisfaction with Chelsea’s transfer business. And now it seems that despite the club’s efforts to bring Emerson Palmieri and Olivier Giroud in during January, the manager is still unhappy with what he got.

There was a good reason for the Italian boss to be upset on Wednesday night, as the Blues were thrashed 3-0 by Bournemouth at Stamford Bridge.

Conte spoke to the Brazilian press after the game, and didn’t really want to find the reasons for the defeat.

“They deserved to win. I think this game was very difficult for us. Yeah, I think we can find a lot of excuses, a lot of alibi for this game. But I think this is not the right way to face the situation,” he told ESPN Brasil.

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And since Chelsea’s January signings were presented during half-time, reporter João Castelo Branco asked Conte about the impact these new players will have in the team. That’s when the dialogue got strange.

– How happy are you with the signings, what do you think they bring to your team?

– It’s not important. I’m not happy, I repeat. It’s not important, the market. Now we have to focus on the work. Player go, player come, nothing change.

– Will they add something to the squad?

– Who?

– The players who have come in, what will they bring to your squad?

– I don’t know. I have to see. I have to see in the future what will they bring.

The manager was clearly uncomfortable once the market question came, not even letting the reporter finish the question. And it’s quite interesting how ‘it’s not important’ comes right after him saying he’s ‘not happy’.

Maybe a clear message for Chelsea’s board, who are not worried about poor Conte’s feelings.