Earlier today, Nottingham Forest announced the signing of Carlos Miguel, putting the saga to an end.

As we all know, there was a big controversy surrounding his exit from Corinthians, as many people are annoyed at him for leaving the club just after he became a starter there.

Before the transfer to Nottingham Forest was made official, Benjamin Back managed to interview Carlos Miguel. Now he released a teaser of the full video, which will be aired later tonight.

Carlos Miguel claimed that no one from Corinthians ever called him to renew his contract and change his €4m release clause, which ended up being triggered by the Reds. He says he would have renewed had there been an effort.

“Yes, I would have,” said Carlos Miguel.

“Nobody will ever take away my joy of playing in my life. The whole world could be against me.”

The goalkeeper also defended himself from the criticism, claiming he won’t earn that much money at Nottingham Forest, as it’s more about the opportunity he’s having.

“I’m not going there to make loads of money, like everyone else is saying.

“Do people want to say something? Go ahead. Except I’ve said it, I’m going to shut up everyone who does that.

“Another show, a very large club, will give you very good visibility. It will be very good for your career. Would you go or not?”

Nottingham Forest were reportedly fighting West Ham United for Carlos Miguel, and won the race because they offered him more chances to play. That shall be seen soon, as the Reds continue a long hunt for a first option for that position.