Liverpool were today a big topic in Uruguay’s SportsCenter, with ESPN holding an interview with Reds’ striker Darwin Nunez.

Even though the player was mostly asked about international football, he ended up talking a lot about his club, and there was a specific reason for it.

One of the topics was Alexis Mac Allister, who is a rival when playing for Argentina, but Darwin’s teammate at Liverpool.

Besides speaking of their international clashes, the striker also talked about their goal celebrations together.

“It all started because he criticised my mate South American drink); one day we were sitting at the table, he criticised my mate again and we came up with the idea that whoever scored a goal, the other would give him a mate and give it to him,” said Darwin.

Nunez was also asked about Luis Diaz. He sent many compliments towards the Colombian player, and even tried to compare him to Mac Allister.

“Luchito is a very happy person, he’s very funny. Maca too, but he’s calmer. We’re always together talking about the games, about everything a bit and also about how close the Copa América is, time flies by and we’re already looking forward to being there.”

There was also a chat about another Liverpool hero, Luis Suarez. He and Darwin obviously didn’t play together for the Reds, but did meet at the national team, and there have been some conversations about the Anfield side.

“With Luis we sometimes talk about a bit of everything, for example a lady in the Liverpool kitchen who adores Luis very much; the last time we spoke, she sent her regards.

“Off the pitch we have a very good bond, I always follow him because Luis is an idol for me, and he also gives me a lot of advice. For example, the time the headbutt happened, Luis was the first to write to me.

“‘Idiot, don’t do that, another idiot is talking to you and he’s done it a thousand times,’ he told me. With Luis there’s a very nice bond.”

With many South Americans in the squad, Liverpool fans can surely enjoy the Copa America this season, and see the Reds’ players facing each other in several games.