Brescia owner Massimo Cellino has been speaking to the local media today and explaining some plans he had for the club this season.

With five changes of manager since the last summer, it’s been quite confusing to understand what track they’re following, so the businessman tried to clarify some of it.

Now when speaking of the coaches who’ve been there this season, Cellino ended up admitting he was in talks to buy Birmingham City a few months ago.

Talking about the signing of Pep Clotet, who arrived in Italy in February, the club owner explains he couldn’t get him before as the plan was to leave him with Birmingham.

“I didn’t get the coach right, I chose him because I knew how he was,” Cellino told Giornale di Brescia.

“I’d have liked to have taken Clotet instead of Delneri, but the truth is that at that time I was in talks to buy Birmingham and if the operation had been successful, the coach would’ve been Clotet. It could have been a bargain, but Covid has slowed everything down.”

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Clotet left Birmingham in September 2019 and saw the many changes at Brescia until being signed. He has five wins in nine games in charge so far.

Cellino’s interest in buying the Championship side had been widely reported last summer, and there seemed to be no clear reason why the former Leeds United owner gave up on the plan.

Now if the pandemic was really the problem, perhaps there could be a new attempt in the future.