When South American players speak to their home country’s media, it’s quite usual that they end up revealing some reasons why they go to bed late, with Arsenal players no exception.

Some of them stay awake playing games, while others, like Richarlison, make sure to watch their favourite club’s matches.

As Arsenal players were now interviewed by Desimpedidos, outlet Premier League Brasil shares some funny quotes about Jorginho’s habits.

Those were told by Gabriel Jesus and Gabriel Magalhães, who revealed that the midfielder likes to stay watching Brazilian soap operas late at night.

“There are some who watch soap operas on their phones. In three days, the guy (Jorginho) finishes a soap opera,” said Arsenal striker Gabriel Jesus.

“He arrives at training and says ‘Wow, I stayed up until three in the morning watching soap operas’,” revealed Magalhães, with the outlet saying he ‘betrays’ his teammate in the process.

“He looks like my grandmother Filó,” joked Jesus.

It’s worth recalling that even though Jorginho plays for the Italian national team, that was a choice he made late in his career, as he was born and raised in Brazil, and clearly carries some habits from his home country.

Soap operas aside, Arsenal currently prepare to play Luton Town at the Emirates Stadium tonight.

That’s a new chance to go the top of the table, at least for a few hours, as Liverpool will only play tomorrow night.