Tottenham Hotspur full-back Emerson Royal was interviewed by ESPN show Bola da Vez, which is being aired this weekend.

The outlet is now releasing a few bits of the chat on their website, and today, they publish a story with some quotes from the player on Antonio Conte’s style of management.

With Talles Magno, the other interviewee, telling old stories about his former coach Wanderlei Luxemburgo, Royal claimed it isn’t easy working with the Italian boss either, as his training sessions at Tottenham used to be very demanding.

“Conte, currently, is like that. He and his coaching staff too, the assistants and the physical coach. There are some physical trainings, sometimes we do a strong training, it ends and I finish the training dead,” the Tottenham defender told ESPN Brasil.

“I arrive at training the next day, and he’s like, ‘Emerson, I didn’t like your training yesterday.’ It’s not possible, then I start to get mad already. ‘How did you not like my training yesterday? I gave life, finished training dead’.

“But then I’ll check the GPS, I’m fine, better than many, among the best. Then I’ll say ‘look at my GPS’. ‘No, but you can do a lot more’. Then I finish training frustrated. He comes over ‘you see, that’s how you have to train’. We do the physicals and he just keeps shouting my name. But that’s good, it shows that he wants to help me.”

Emerson Royal’s work under Antonio Conte seems to have been enough to convince him he deserved a place in the starting team.

Following a €25m move from Barcelona last summer, the Brazilian made 41 appearances in his first season for Tottenham, mostly being the number one option in the right-back position.

All we know is that he better keep up with the intense work for a season where Spurs will be featuring in the Champions League as well.