It’s not too unfair to say that in recent years, when Gary Neville has singled out a Manchester United player it hasn’t usually been for good reasons.

The struggles on and off the pitch since Since Alex Ferguson left the club have often created an atmosphere of negativity, and Neville hasn’t been shy about diving headfirst into that.

However, he is pleased with Diogo Dalot this season, and that’s feeling shared by many Manchester United supporters.

It’s not too unfair to say that Dalot was probably on the sales list for many who follow the club, but his progress, effort and impact this season is likely to have changed that.

The Portugal international is winning new fans, and Neville is one of those.

The Manchester United player has been speaking to the Portuguese media during the current international break, and was asked what he thinks of the praise from the Sky Sports pundit.

A Bola quote him saying: “I see it as a responsibility. It’s always good to hear praise, especially from players who have already played for the club and know what it means to represent a club like Manchester United. It’s the result of the work I’m doing and I want to take advantage of this moment to help the national team. I know that the demands here are very high and so is the competition.”

Dalot is eager to impress Portugal manager Roberto Martinez ahead of the Euros, hoping to play a big part for his country in the summer.