Arsenal loanee Hector Bellerin had this week a chat with La Liga’s official channels, speaking a little about his current spell at Betis.

The fullback moved to his home country in the summer and quickly became an important player for the Sevilla side, with 17 appearances for them so far, even getting four assists.

So besides all the chat about his adaptation and his impressions after a few months at the club, he was of course quizzed about the chances of staying at Betis for longer than expected.

Bellerin was a bit political in his answer, and couldn’t promise a permanent move.

“I’m on loan for a year, I do not know if I will have the opportunity to stay longer or not and at the moment it’s until June,” said Bellerin (via Estadio Deportivo).

“I’ll take advantage of it and enjoy it to the fullest and the best way is by winning, so I hope to continue in this line. I try to enjoy my life from day to day and hope that we finish as high as possible.”

Bellerin’s contract with Arsenal expires in 2023, so even in case he does end up returning to the Emirates this summer, it’s very likely the Gunners will need a quick solution for him to avoid the risk of losing him for free next year.

As for the standard of the offers that might arrive, they will certainly have a lot to do with how good his spell at Betis ends up being.