Did you know Massimo Cellino once owned Leeds United?

If you’re an Elland Road regular, then yes, you’ll be aware, but even if you’re not, then you’ll also know because he keeps reminding everyone, including those who will already know, like the rest of the club owners in Serie A.

Giving a speech during the latest Serie A League conference, the former Leeds and current Brescia owner said: “I know how it works, I was in England: we must detach ourselves from the FIGC. We have no power. When I was a Federal Councillor in Rome, I didn’t even set foot in it, it was useless, they decided everything. I always say it, let’s do it like the Premier League”.

Cellino’s point, which was echoed by Napoli owner Aurelio de Laurentiis, was for Serie A as a whole to break away from the FIGC, which is the Italian FA.

They want to emulate what the Premier League did, detaching themselves from the FA in England, which gave the clubs more power to make decisions that directly affect them rather than a governing body doing so.

That has yet to happen in Italy, and that’s what they’re fighting for, and Cellino is using his Leeds United experience to dish out advice on how best to approach it.