Peter Kisfaludy is considered a top talent guru in Swedish football, and he’s been working with Djurgården for a year and a half, progressing their youth and identifying talents who should come to the club.

As part of his role there he’s seen the progression of Lucas Bergvall and then the inevitable exit deal, with Tottenham securing a move which will see the 18-year-old arrive in London in the summer.

Kisfaludy has played a big part in Bergvall’s development and he believes the soon to be Tottenham player will go on to be one of the best… on the planet!

Speaking to Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet, he explained: “I have had Lucas since November, 2015, when he was nine years old. He has always been so extremely talented and I have always had the feeling that he can go as far as he wants and that there is no stopping him. In three, four years, when he is 22-23 years old, he will be one of the world’s best midfielders. He will belong to the top ten in the world among midfielders.”

That’s a huge claim and will certainly be exciting for Tottenham fans.

Kisfaludy believes Bergvall has many strengths, indeed the list seems to be endless, but one of the major pluses is the mental aspect and that should be very useful when it comes to dealing with the pressure of a move to the Premier League.

When asked about the youngster’s weakness, Kisfaludy even managed to make that sound like a potential future strength: “He has a physique that he should use even more. I think he should become more aggressive, tougher.”

The club official also said he had no doubt that Bergvall would choose Spurs, and explained why: “I knew all along that it would be Tottenham, because I talked to Dejan Kulusevski. I messaged him and said Lucas is coming down, so take good care of him. Dejan is fantastic and has a huge amount of experience despite being only 24-years-old.”

The Dejan Kulusevski factor has repeatedly been highlighted by the Swedish media as a reason for choosing Tottenham, and that’s still the case.

Kisfaludy believes it will all be helpful for Bergvall when he finally arrives at Spurs. That time isn’t long away now, and there’s endless reasons for Tottenham fans to feel positive about this move.