Middlesbrough’s Viktor Fischer has, up to now at least, always sounded remarkably patient about his role with the club.

Even during the current international break, the Middlesbrough forward has explained he knows he’s being eased into life in the Premier League, and is seen by his club as a long term investment, rather than someone bought to go into the team from day one.

However, it may well be starting to get to the 22 year old and his latest comments reveal a frustration. Not in the team for Denmark’s victory against Kazakhstan on Friday, Fischer has explained that he’s not happy when on the bench.

Quoted by Denmark’s BT newspaper, the Middlesbrough player explained: “I have been patient and I still am, but I still hate it when I’m not allowed to play matches… I need to spend half a day or so to digest it and then I continue training hard.”

Not wishing to pick a fight with his national team manager, Fischer added: “I do not expect that I start when I play so little at the club.”

Fischer was in no way lashing out, and taken in the balance of all his comments, it shouldn’t be concluded he’s unhappy at Middlesbrough. The youngster is incredibly keen to do well and sometimes not getting the chances is going to sting.