Tottenham Hotspur forward Lucas Moura had a chat with ESPN Brasil this week.

Most of the chat was regarding what’s happened at the Premier League side over the past year, so the 29-year-old talked about the change of managers, the summer window and positive recent form.

When speaking of the transfer window, Lucas was asked about Harry Kane and the many rumours about his potential exit from the club, with Manchester City reportedly keen to sign him to make up for allowing Sergio Agüero to leave on a free.

The Brazilian described what he and his teammates felt at the time, claiming that the striker’s departure would’ve been a huge blow for Spurs at that point.

“Harry has an absurd connection not only with Tottenham but with the English fan. Undoubtedly one of the greatest players in England in recent years and a great reference,” Lucas told ESPN Brasil.

“And when all this noise came out on the market, everyone was apprehensive. We even got a little tense. Because losing a player of his quality is really difficult. Hard to even replace, to find another one on the market. And it would be a great loss for us.”

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Lucas also admitted that he thought Kane was indeed leaving the club, as no one in the dressing room was sure of what was going to happen with the English star.

“Now, I, honestly, got worried. I thought he was going. Because of everything that was said, all the noise that was created. But in the end it all worked out, he stayed with us. And so, in the locker room, we comment. Everyone was apprehensive to see the end of the soap opera.”

“Nobody has that kind of information inside, because we are inside the club. Nobody has an informatiom like ‘oh, he’s really going’. Until the club’s confirmation comes out, we don’t know. No one will… I’m not close enough with him to ask. But even if you are, you won’t ask ‘so, are you really leaving?’. So it’s hard. So we had this expectation, waiting for the end and thank God he stayed.”

Kane and Lucas have since turned out to be two of Tottenham’s main offensive assets this season under Antonio Conte,  with the English striker tallying a total of 12 goals and two assists, while the Brazilian has scored six times and assisted another five.