Following the clash of heads between David Luiz and Raúl Jiménez that left the Mexican needing surgery on a fractured skull, there have been a number of reactions.

Many of them have seen the footballing community wish the striker a speedy recovery, but a few were unable to contain their frustration at the Brazil international.

Luiz was trying to get on the end of a Willian corner in an attempt to put Arsenal ahead of Wolverhampton Wanderers, but instead collided with Jiménez.

The defender was bandaged and resumed the game against until half time, when he was taken off by Mikel Arteta, but the Wolves star had to be stretchered off after being given oxygen.

Jiménez is now ‘comfortable’ after the procedure, and it might be some time before we see him on a football pitch again, which has left one Mexican commentator furious.

Guillermo Schutz took to Twitter to voice his anger regarding the incident, going as far as calling the Arsenal centre-back a ‘criminal in a football top’ before adding: “You only have to see the image to know the hired thug’s intentions”.

The commentator added a still image of the clash, but it didn’t go down as well as he’d hoped.

Schutz has since received a lot of criticism, leading Merca2.0 to publish an article about how such comments don’t reflect well on his employer.

It’s clear to most the incident was an accident, and calling someone a ‘criminal’ for, albeit aggressively, trying to head the ball doesn’t seem like the wisest of moves.

Football remains first and foremost a contact sport, and while there is still work to be done when it comes to the concussion protocol, it’s simply good news to hear the Wolves player is doing well following surgery.