Liverpool’s interest in Juventus star Paulo Dybala is a story which is growing in the Italian media today.

In the afternoon, it had been Gazzetta Dello Sport who reported that following Dusan Vlahovic’s arrival at the Bianconeri, the Argentine striker is more likely to leave, and the Reds are watching his situation.

Now it’s time for Sport Mediaset to feature a similar story. They say that Juve’s new signing makes it harder for them to pay Dybala a big salary, and with his rejection to their latest offer in December, it doesn’t seem like there’ll be an agreement in the new talks.

The Argentine star is said to be looking for other options, and besides Inter Milan, there’s Liverpool as well.

Sport Mediaset claims there’s been a ‘poll’ made by the Reds, so initial contact, and Anfield is a destination which would be ‘appreciated’ by the 28-year-old.

They write that a Premier League move would be ‘a high level opportunity’ for Dybala, as well as a chance for him to get the big salary he wants.

Since his contract with Juve expires at the end of the season, the coming months will certainly be intense for the player and his entourage.