ESPN Brasil features now an interview with Liverpool star Sadio Mane, where he talks about all his love for his Brazilian teammates.

The Senegalese winger currently has the likes of Alisson, Fabinho and Roberto Firmino playing for the Reds with him, and seems to have a great friendship with them.

First speaking about the striker, Mane highlights his importance in the team, claiming the success of him and Salah depend on the Brazilian, and even saying he’d like to have the 29-year-old at the national team with him.

“He deserves more credit than me and Mo for sure. How he’s part of football always seeing to goals, but I think without Bobby I don’t see myself or Mo scoring as many goals as we are, to be honest. Because he makes everything easier for us”, Mane told ESPN Brasil.

“I think Brazil are just lucky to have Firmino. I’d love to… I always say ‘Bobby, you have to change your nationality and come to Senegal’. Which for me would be a dream. I just love him. And as a teammate I think he’s my favourite teammate. I love him.”

On the number of assists Firmino makes to him, Mane said: “I don’t know, but this year, he hasn’t given me any assist yet. I say: ‘Why don’t you give me more assists? I think I already gave some to you ’. But, of course, he always gave me a lot of assists. So, thanks, Bobby, and in the next few games, I’ll do everything I can to give you some”.

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Mane has also spoken about Alisson and the criticism he’s been getting in the past few weeks. The winger came for the goalkeeper’s defence.

“To be honest, sometimes I’m surprised when people talk about Alisson’s mistakes. But at the same time, I know it’s part of the sport. When the best goalkeeper in the world makes one or two mistakes, I think, for sure, that is strange. But it’s not just him, it’s the whole team. But how many times has Alisson saved us? Without him, we would probably never be Champions League champions or any trophies.”

“For me, he’s the best goalkeeper in the world, with a great mentality. In the locker room, he’s always up, because he has no doubts about it, he knows his quality. And we know that he will go through that phase. We don’t need to keep talking for him to get excited, because he’s fine ”

The interview was recorded before Alisson’s father was found dead in Brazil following an incident at the family’s property on Wednesday night, which is why Mané wasn’t asked about it or brought it up himself.