Spaish outlet Libertad Digital features today a good interview with the father of Lucas Torreira.

Ricardo Torreira was invited to speak about his son’s move from Arsenal to Atlético Madrid, and tell a little about the process which took the midfielder to the La Liga side.

“It was a very nice feeling, but it’s true that it wasn’t an easy transfer to arrange because we’re talking about two big clubs like Arsenal and Atlético de Madrid”, Ricaro Torreira told Libertad Digital.

“That whole month was complicated because at times it seemed that it wasn’t going to be closed. Now Lucas will have an opportunity to show what he’s as a player and his codes as a professional. We’re very happy. As for Arsenal, Lucas did everything possible to give the best to the club, but there’s the possibility of returning and also with new knowledge and new experiences to contribute.”

His father was asked why things didn’t go right in London, despite Torreira’s big love for Arsenal, and it turns out he claims that the player’s story with the Gunners may not be finished yet.

“Lucas has a huge heart and puts a lot of effort into everything he does. That’s why he’s not one of the players who likes to be on the bench waiting for minutes. He needs to show what he can give on the pitch. He’s encouraged with the game. And that happened at Arsenal. Lucas is honest and wants to leave his soul on the pitch, but that is defined by the coaches and for the current Arsenal manager he didn’t count.”

“Lucas wasn’t on the bench because he wanted to be there, but by decision of his coach. For a 24-year-old boy, recognized in Uruguay and around the world, the most necessary thing is to play. Arsenal decided that he wouldn’t have minutes, but we promise, God willing, if everything goes well and if there’s a coach at Arsenal who loves him when his contract with Atlético ends, he’ll leave his soul there again if they want him.”

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Lucas Torreira’s agent recently confirmed that the agreement with Atletico Madrid doesn’t include a buying option. Libertad Digital asked his dad if that could be a sign he won’t stay with the Colchoneros, but they don’t seem to be worried about that for now.

“That clause wasn’t placed and the that’s the reality because that’s how business is. I’m very supportive of Lucas. If he made the decision to go to Atlético, it’s because he’s going to leave everything at Atlético. Then the clubs will decide. He made the decision not to go to Italy to go to Madrid and in Spain he’ll feel very good about the language, the way of life, the customs, the game… that’s why he has left other opportunities aside that were economically better than Atlético.”

“Lucas wants to give everything and that the fans applaud him for the work he has done. Then we’ll see what happens between clubs. Despite the aforementioned about returning to Arsenal, it doesn’t mean that we’re not going to stay at Atlético. If Cholo continues to want him to stay at the end of the season and we once again have the opportunity to choose Atlético, it will be seen, but for now let time pass and we’ll see what happens because everything is uncertain today.”

Lucas Torreira is still to make his debut for Atlético Madrid, and is currently in international duty with the Uruguayan national team.

Signed from Sampdoria on a €28m deal in 2018, the midfielder made 89 appearances for the Gunners and has a contract running until 2023.