ESPN Brasil today features an interview with Liverpool star Mohamed Salah, who spoke about the important time of the season the Reds are about to face.

The forward is now completely focused on the Anfield Road side following the tough challenges he had this year playing for Egypt, where he faced big pressure.

First losing the African Cup of Nations final and then missing out on a spot for the 2022 World Cup, Salah was targeted by criticism, and claims it’s now time to switch his mind to the challenges that are about to come with Liverpool.

“We tried everything to win the African Cup of Nations. We went to the final, lost on penalties. We fought hard to reach the final. People are proud of us. And in the qualifiers, we also lost on penalties. Now, I’m back at the club, I have to turn the key to Liverpool’s side, focus on the team to win the trophies that we are fighting for this season,” Salah told ESPN Brasil.

“Mentally I have to be focused, concentrated. I know what I want, how professional I am. The most important thing is to focus on the team. The directors are happy, the teammates too. Everyone is happy, I am happy.”

“It’s hard to concentrate, but it’s not difficult. Because I know how to stay focused. But it’s tough. There are too many distractions, too many people talking about everything. The team was fine while I was at the African Cup of Nations, but they were like, ‘How much will you be there? When you come back?”

Salah has 28 goals and 11 assists for Liverpool this season.

Following the EFL Cup title, the Reds still have a chance in all other competitions, as they stand in the Champions League’s quarter-finals against Benfica, play the FA Cup semi-finals against Manchester City at the weekend, and fight fixture by fixture for the top of the Premier League table against Pep Guardiola’s side.