Silvia Tremoleda Mundo Deportivo September 9thManchester City’s Catalan community is set to welcome someone else to their number. The Premier League club have several Catalan employees in important positions, including manager Pep Guardiola.

Dr Eduardo Mauri is joining the club in a couple of weeks, and his talks with Manchester City were held along with highly respected Catalan Dr Ramon Cugat, suggesting a wider advisory role.

Friday’s edition of Catalan newspaper Mundo Deportivo says that Silvia Tremoleda is set to join them. She’s worked in nutrition with Barcelona, both with their football and basketball teams, and also with a special concentration on Lionel Messi.

Tremoleda and her husband Xavier Sala-i-Martin are close friends with Guardiola, and he was best man at their wedding in 2014.

Mundo Deportivo say Tremoleda ‘enjoys the highest confidence of Pep professionally and personally’. She’s an accomplished triathlete and the Catalan newspaper praise her ‘high training and experience’.