Two days ago we started an article off with ‘Denmark, stop it’, as a Danish newspaper yet again had a big push at sending Tottenham’s Christian Eriksen to Barcelona.

BT had spoken to a journalist from Sport and had someone else say Mundo Deportivo had backed up the same, and that Barcelona have a genuine interest in the Spurs player. The Danish newspaper’s own source had, according to the claims, also backed up such a scenario.

We pointed out at the time that Sport and Mundo Deportivo hardly ever mention Eriksen, even though they link more than 20 players a month to Barcelona. The Tottenham player just isn’t a major story for the Catalan media, however much the Danish media want to believe so.

Even the big Danish claims this week didn’t get into the Catalan newspapers, and that tells its own story. But, undeterred, BT are at it again.

Eriksen takes the first page of their Saturday sport pull-out, and the next two pages. BT have asked a selection of unnamed agents to put a value on the Tottenham player’s potential transfer.

The value reached, with some saying less and some more, is €80m.

It would seem they didn’t ask Daniel Levy.

BT then go on to say that ‘in recent months’ Eriksen has been ‘closely linked’ to Barcelona, but this is now verging on nonsense. He hasn’t, not by the Catalan media anyway.

Then, to hype things up further, BT list 8 clubs and a probability (based on 1 to 6 footballs) that Eriksen will play there next season.

Despite all the hoo-ha, Tottenham get 5 balls, Barcelona get 3, and everyone else gets 2 or 1.

If the Catalan media don’t pick up on this then we’re not sure what more BT can do. Perhaps a march through Barcelona?