There’s a lot to be said about Paul Pogba on any given day, but the Frenchman has, at least of late, done his job when called upon by Ole Gunnar Solskjaer.

He may have not been the best player on the pitch at all times, but he’s helped and acted professionally for Manchester United amidst his agent’s outbursts about his future.

The France international has many critics, with some more famous than others, but the vast majority of them come from this side of the Channel, as those in France and Italy tend to be more lenient on the technically gifted midfielder.

That being said, Antonio Cassano isn’t one of them.

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Speaking on BoboTV, a Twitch series hosted by Christian Vieri, the former forward took some time out to have a dig at Pogba.

Relayed by RMC Sport, he said: “I see lots of players being well paid (at Manchester United), but I don’t understand the club’s strategy. When Sir Alex Ferguson was in charge, he did things well, and there would never have been this saga with Pogba”.

He then tackled the player a bit more personally, adding ‘Pogba is a great player, but he’s not a champion. He doesn’t tip the balance’, as well as calling him ‘overrated’.

Affected by Covid-19 this year, the Frenchman has missed some time and been far from his best, which has shown in his output on the pitch.

He’s appeared 19 times for Manchester United in all competitions, scoring two goals and assisting another two.