A little before Manchester United’s Premier League clash against Newcastle United on Sunday, ESPN Brasil featured an interview with Edinson Cavani.

It took a while until they finally made it available on their website, but here it is, with reporter Natali Gedra asking him some specific questions about what happened in the summer transfer window.

Since leaving Paris Saint Germain at the end of his contract, the Uruguayan striker had been linked to Brazilian side Grêmio, with several reports claiming his arrival was close. Now he says things didn’t really happen like that, as he was always keen on joining Manchester United.

“At that moment, as I was free, many things were talked about. My brother, as my representative, out of respect for the clubs, he never closed any doors, but it’s not necessarily that there was an interest in going,” Cavani told ESPN Brasil.

“That opened things up and gave the possibility that a lot of people started to give their opinion and say that Cavani would go here or there.

And we decided to come to Manchester, it was something we had already been talking about, there was this interest, not today, but from a time close by and a little further away, something like five years. There was interest and we decided: ‘No, we’re going to this great club.’

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Cavani was also quizzed about the difference between French and English football, and didn’t really want to get into that kind of comparison, claiming each has its own qualities.

“I believe that one of the things I’ve always said about football is that all leagues have different characteristics, and that doesn’t mean one is inferior to the other.”

Since joining Manchester United in the summer, Cavani has contributed seven goals and two assists in 27 appearances. The striker is currently injured and has missed the Red Devils’ past two games.