The Premier League transfer window may be closed until January, but it’s still open in Europe, and that means Leroy Sané remains a hot topic in Germany.

The Manchester City star has been linked with Bayern Munich for several months, with the Germans seemingly determined to bring him home.

Reports had Sané on the verge of a huge €100m move at the beginning of this month, before an injury picked up in the Community Shield defeat of Liverpool scuppered it.

Sané remains a player that Bayern want, though, and SportBild say today that the German club are discussing three scenarios in which they can still sign him from Manchester City.

The first is that they buy the player now, regardless of his injury and potentially get him for less than the €145m price City want for him.

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Plan B is to sign Sané during the winter transfer window, but if that is to happen, Bayern’s chiefs would like City to keep them updated on Sané’s rehabilitation until then.

The third option is Bayern wait until next summer, which is the best choice from a sporting sense.

However, Bild explain that approach means Bayern running the risk of Sané signing a new, improved deal at City, despite the fact he’s made it clear he’d like the move to Bayern.

It remains to be seen what approach they take, but the fact they’re working on different scenarios suggest this saga is long from concluded.