German magazine SportBild have backed up claims, which originated in England, that Bastian Schweinsteiger has been offered €11m to leave Manchester United.

Where the claims differ from England, is that SportBild say that’s not a payment to be made should he join another club during the January transfer window, but rather a pay-off, regardless of what then happens to Schweinsteiger.

The magazine call it a ‘golden handshake’ and say it would see Schweinsteiger give up €7m remaining on his contract. Manchester United are said to be eager to remove the player’s wages to make room for reinforcements.

However, SportBild point out it would leave the midfielder unemployed, sating: ‘There are no offers from other clubs. He would be without a job.’

Screen Shot 2016-11-09 at 13.00.46Another doubt that Schweinsteiger would have is the carrot recently dangled by Jose Mourinho. Back training with the first team squad, SportBild say he’s got his place in the dressing room back, next to Chris Smalling, and had his parking privileges returned.

Much can change between now and January, but assuming Schweinsteiger doesn’t get back into the selection process, and doesn’t receive an offer from another club which tempts him, he may well decide to stick it out for the full money.

If he feels badly treated, and doesn’t mind living through the awkwardness, then he’s fully entitled to continue picking up his pay cheque.