At this stage, it’s well known that Bayern Munich are in advanced talks to take Vincent Kompany from Burnley.

Now with the negotiations developing well, there are some strong updates coming from the German media about that pursuit.

The claims are made by Florian Plettenberg, who earlier today said that Bayern Munich do not want to spend the €20m fee requested by Burnley.

While the talks go on, it’s reported that Kompany is still waiting for the green light to travel to Munich and join the Bundesliga giants.

Now despite Bayern Munich’s effort not to get the price down, Plettenberg claims they ‘will find an agreement’ with Burnley soon.

That’s why they already made a personal offer to Kompany, as there’s a three-year contract on the table ready to be signed.

It then looks like a matter of time until Bayern and Burnley find an agreement for the fee, especially with the manager so keen on making the move.

Despite the Clarets’ relegation to the Championship, Kompany’s work at the club was still valued, especially after the German side’s failure to secure any of their initial options.