Germany’s Kicker have backed up Bayern Munich interest in Kenedy.

The German champions have been rumoured to be keen on the Brazilian, and now it’s explained in some detail that the club are considering the player to replace Juan Bernat.

As ever, Chelsea’s intentions with the 22 year old are unclear, and both Bayern and Newcastle United will have to wait and see what the London club decide.

Rafael Benitez has made no secret of being impressed with Kenedy during the player’s time on loan at St James’ Park, and Newcastle would want to keep him for longer.

Kicker say Bayern Munich are very much looking at Kenedy as a left back, and they point out Benitez sees the youngster playing further forward.

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It’s not stated, but that could be an advantage for Benitez in what would be a tough transfer battle. Lots of footballers prefer playing further forward and it would be no surprise if Kenedy sees himself attacking more than defending.

Both clubs will now have to wait for Chelsea to make their mind up.