Last week, we covered the first parts of Gabriel Jesus’ interview with Esporte Interativo. At that time, the player spoke about the struggles of being benched by Pep Guardiola, despite making his will to stay at Manchester City very clear.

A few days later, the interview ended up being mistranslated by the Italian press, as if the player was teasing about a transfer out of the Premier League side, which was never the case.

Esporte Interativo released the full interview today, and Gabriel Jesus speaks a little more about his aspirations for the club and the fight for a Champions League title.

“I think the Champions League is the wish of all players. I think first the World Cup, then the Champions League. So I have this desire to play, to conquer. When I get the chance, I try to do my best, as it was in the last game,” he told Esporte Interativo.

The Brazilian started Manchester City’s first game in the Champions League this season, scoring in the 3-0 win over Shakhtar Donetsk.

He’s also spoken about the club’s preparation for a European title.

“The work being done by the club speaks for itself. City have been growing a lot. Premier League champions twice in a row, winning four titles last year. Playing very well.

“Liverpool had an incredible season where they lost just one game last year in the Premier League. And they didn’t win the Premier League. Not because they didn’t do well, quite the contrary, they did very well. But we also had our merit in maintaining the high level. We couldn’t lose or draw any games, and we won all.

“So we have been preparing more. If you take City’s last three eliminations. When I arrived, I ended up not playing because I was injured, we lost by goal difference. The last one by goal difference. So the team has been maturing, I hope this year is different.”

Gabriel Jesus was also asked about the goals he has for his career, and explained he’s been working hard to improve some of his skills so he can keep evolving.

“Of course I set my goals, my objectives for myself. I don’t like talking much. But obviously I aim to win more titles, to win a Champions League. Obviously I have in mind that I have to seek it. I need to work, to evolve. I have been evolving a lot.

“Today I’m a calmer guy in finishing. I finish much, much better. The preseason training was on the left foot. It’s something I had to improve and I’ve been improving, today I finish very well, but not well with the left. I’ve been getting better. So I always look for improvement, on the pitch and off the pitch.”