Gabriel Jesus’ departure from Palmeiras has been very confusing, especially because of the many sides involved. Several clubs are said to be after him, and with his economic rights divided between four different parties, it’s really hard to know who has been briefing the press with the truth, and otherwise.

So just to make it clear for those who have been following this saga, this article is meant to give the updates from the weekend and show where the negotiations stand, at least according to the papers.

Manchester United’s late offer has gained a consensus of agreement in Brazil. After Globo Esporte and Estadão claimed it on Friday night, the likes of Lance and UOL have also confirmed the information.

The Red Devils would outbid City by offering €35m (around £30m), €3m more than Pep Guardiola’s side.

In the last week, it was reported that Pep Guardiola had persuaded the player by talking to him for fifteen minutes on the phone. Palmeiras manager Cuca was asked about it in a pre-match press conference, and said:

“[The call could’ve been done] since it was authorised by the club. (…) We have to see if Mattos authorised Guardiola to speak to our player. If he did, no problem at all. Since he stays until the end of the year, there’s no problem.”

And what United would do to change the striker’s mind, since he was reportedly agreed with City, is to pay Gabriel double of the wages offered by the Sky Blues.

It always worth remembering that Manchester United are one of the clubs who could land the player for only €24m, alongside Barcelona, Real Madrid, Bayern Munich and PSG?

So why would United pay more?

That would be a matter of convincing all the parties. Gabriel’s economical rights are divided between Palmeiras (30%), himself (25%), Cristiano Simões (22,5%) and Fabio Caran (22,5%).

So despite the clause, that’s a way that United could find to encourage the Brazilian club and the two agents to make business with them instead of City. If the wages could convince the player, that would be the perfect package.

Catalan newspaper Sport says Barcelona are out of the race for now, leaving United, City, Real Madrid, Juventus and Inter Milanto fight.

On Monday, in a chat with CalcioMercato, the agent Cristiano Simões said: “Agreement with Manchester City? I can say we’re sorting some contractual issues, we are dealing with it. Possibility of joining Inter? We’re very advanced with Manchester City. Let’s see.”

Both Palmeiras and Gabriel believe it’s best for him to stay until the end of the year, as the club are fighting for the Brazilian league title. We reckon that in the case they qualify for the Copa Libertadores, they will certainly ask to keep the player for the competition, which would mean that he would only go to Europe next summer.

Gabriel is a really young player whose development has been fantastic, especially during this year. There’s no point taking him to Europe now, putting him on a bench and stopping his improvement. Staying in Brazil for a bit of more time would be the best scenario, so he could go to Europe on the right level, just like Neymar did in 2013.

The 19-year-old is currently with the U-23 Brazilian national team as they prepare to play the Olympics at home. He’s expected to be a starter in a superb attacking quartet, alongside Luan, Gabigol and Neymar.