Last week, prior to Brazil’s match against Uruguay in the Copa América quarter-finals, Fulham star Andreas Pereira went a little too far when talking about his own team.

He claimed that with many Premier League players in their midfield, Brazil had a squad that Uruguay can only dream of. That didn’t go down very well, with the opponents even using that in a motivational video for the match.

Well, that resulted with the Celeste winning the match on penalties. And ESPN now brings some quotes from Luis Suarez having a go at the Fulham player.

The Uruguayan star recalled that back when Pereira played at Flamengo, he used to be on the bench for Giorgian De Arrascaeta.

“To talk about Uruguay you have to have respect and know the history of Uruguay,” said Suarez.

“And before saying that there are players who would like to be in the Brazilian national team… I’ll tell you that the person who made that comment was a substitute for Giorgian De Arrascaeta, the best player in Brazilian football. So imagine what it’s like for us to be touched like that.”

Brazil indeed had a very disappointing campaign at the Copa América, especially because of a midfield which could rarely dominate any games and didn’t create much. Pereira spent most of the tournament on the bench, and was of little help when being used in the second half in the last three matches. Now he should be focused on getting some rest and being ready for a good season with Fulham.