It seems there is a bit of disagreement in France when it comes to the potential transfer of Ibrahima Konaté to Liverpool.

Everyone agrees the Reds are now the favourites to sign the defender, although the details of the operation remain a bit vague.

The transfer fee should stay the same, since the defender has a €40m release clause, but L’Equipe this morning stated claims of a medical had been denied by the player’s entourage.

Over at RMC Sport, however, they are firmly in the other camp, as they report that, according to their information, Liverpool ‘have already made the player undergo a few medical tests’.

This comes amid claims from RB Leipzig’s director of football, Markus Krosche, completely denying a potential exit from their centre-back, as he didn’t see a reason for him wanting to leave.

Either way, the belief from RMC Sport’s end, via their journalist Loïc Tanzi, is that Konaté ‘should sign with Liverpool’, which follows on from positive English reports.