Aston Villa fans have been attacked by a hooded gang in Lille ahead of the two sides meeting in the Europa League this evening.

Le Parisien report that a fight broke out on Wednesday evening near the bars of the Old town in Lille, with the Aston Villa fans attacked while helping a drunk person in the street.

According to their information a group of five hooded individuals attacked the group of Aston Villa fans wearing ‘padded gloves’.

Nobody was injured as police were on the scene and intervened before the attackers fled, before two were later caught and arrested. While the group were attended to by emergency services, the Aston Villa supporters elected against filing a complaint.

The ‘brawl’ as Le Parisien describe it appears to have been nothing more than a scuffle and certainly not instigated by the English group on this occasion.

That makes for a pleasant change from proceedings, with European weeks usually filled with various reports from around Europe essentially labelling all English fans as hooligans regardless of what they’re actually doing.