Former Lazio coach Delio Rossi has told the Italian media Paolo Di Cano and SKY Italia need to take responsibility after he displayed on air a tattoo perceived to be fascist. The Celtic icon had a controversial career, and never hid his leaning toward right wing politics.

Speaking to TMW, Rossi was asked if Sky Italia were right to suspend Di Canio because of what happened. Rossi believes both parties played their role in what happened even though it could have caused offence. Rossi said Di Canio should be judged on what he brings to the programme, which he thinks is excellent.

“It seems to me also a fact for everything Italian. You do not want to offend anyone’s feelings, but I repeat: Paolo knows and Sky knew it. I believe Paolo must be assessed at a professional level, and he is excellent,” said the Rossi on his former player.

Di Canio had just one season playing at Celtic, but made an impact during his time there. The Italian scored 12 goals in 26 games on his way to picking up the SPFA Player of the Year award.

Celtic are well known to have a left-wing fanbase, but Di Canio was still able to become a fan favourite due to his performances, even if it was an uneasy alliance. When there were rumours Di Canio could become the club’s manager in 2014, The Daily Record argued against the idea, largely because of his fascist views.