It’s Coming Home, It’s Coming Home, It’s Coming… An Irrational Weight Being Given To A Football Song Is Coming Home.

Yep, it’s that time again folks when, in the true sense of our Fun Police times, people are derided for singing a football pop song.

Their arrogance is the reason everyone hates them and wants their football team to fail. And so stupid are these Little Englanders that they just don’t get it.

Stop singing your song or you’ll be doomed to fail forever as a punishment for your arrogant singing sins.

But, but, I like the song and it doesn’t really mean anything… maybe it’s even self deprecating.

Nope, sorry. This is how people are taking it and it’s only your inbuilt English arrogance stopping you seeing it.

Near enough any other country would have laughed such accusations off if they came from outside, but here they’re mainly homegrown and grasped to be used as part of the never ending self-flagellation we must all go through.

That, or we use it to distance ourselves from our Engurland lessers.

In the North those English who consider themselves better than the other English often tend to see England supporters as a Southern weighted thing. At the same time you’ll have some in the South who’ll recoil at scenes of national team merriment and like to blame the great unwashed far beyond the Watford Gap.

And people at both extremes of the country have joined together this week to try and mimic Jack Grealish’s pronunciation of encyclopedia and use his ignorance of it to disparage the Midlands.

Should there be one thing the English are good at, its surely loathing their compatriots and finding pigeon holes of negative caricature to plonk them in.

We hate each other, usually literally.

Never has this been more true than now. Split down the middle by Brexshit and policing the fun of others as the pandemic clings on, loathing of our fellow countrymen has been the only thing getting many of us through.

The social media trends of #GBNewsFails and #GBNewsWins this week have been both a keen example of division and a form of group therapy on a national scale.

Luckily, we’re neighboured by people, in Scotland and Wales, who detest the English almost as much as the English do. It’s the one real part of the Union which brings togetherness.

England is not a nation which somehow unites and believes it’s a super-race, football or otherwise, each time a tournament rolls around. Please don’t give us that amount of credit.

Sure, we can immigrant blame, flag bother and present pockets of nationalism with the best of them, but to think the country actually believes Football Is Coming Home and that is the purpose of the song… seriously?

Arsenal fans do not believe they are the greatest team the world has even seen, Anderson never shit on Fabregas, Will Grigg was never on fire, figuratively or literally, and Scotland fans do not think John McGinn is better than Zidane.

Ok, maybe the last one is arguable right now.

Let people sing their song and have a little enjoyment. They know pain is almost certainly coming soon, and are just being fans, not practising some obtuse football imperialism.