International break is a difficult time for football managers.

They send the best of their squads off and wait for them to come back in various states of health.

Overnight, Portugal’s FPF released a statement explaining Andre Gomes wasn’t fit enough to take part for his country, and it was all very vague. It turns out the lack of information is because Gomes never left the country and all the Portuguese association know is what Everton and the player have told them.

Another Toffee not to have left the country is Richarlison, but it all sounds positive at his end.

Brazilian newspaper Agora report there had been worry because the 21 year old felt pain after the Chelsea match.

It’s explained he travelled to Brazil’s team hotel in St Albans (they often base themselves in England) and slept there the night before the squad were due to join up.

He’s already passed initial physical examinations and, in principle, it’s not thought he’s going to have to withdraw.