The Italian media are now widely reporting that the deal sending Douglas Luiz to Juventus is on the verge of full agreement.

That transfer will see Samuel Iling-Junior and Enzo Barrenechea move the other way, and there’s been a lot of interest, and perhaps some misinformation, on what each player is valued at.

There’s various takes across the Italian media, but consensus that the deal is worth around €50m in total… so that’s the value put to Douglas Luiz.

Of course, that seems too cheap but it is very much what is being reported.

First up, Gianluca Di Marzio: ‘The two players will be sold for €22m plus bonuses (which will bring the total sum to 24/25m) with the inclusion of a percentage on future resale in the event of a sale at certain figures.’

He also states the total value of the deal is €50m.

Corriere dello Sport go with the €50m, and they split it as: €30m cash, €12-13m Iling-Junior and €8m for Barrenechea.

Sky Italia state: ‘Juventus will pay around €22m plus easy-to-achieve bonuses into Aston Villa’s coffers to reach the figure of 24 /25, plus the cards of Enzo Barrenechea and Samuel Iling – Junior with the addition of a percentage on future resale. The market operation will therefore have a total cost of approximately €50m.’

Gazzetta dello Sport say Juventus will pay €25m (including bonuses), plus the transfer of the two players, which they believe takes the value of the deal to €50m.

Given all of that, the value of Samuel Iling-Junior and Enzo Barrenechea is being counted at €20-25m.

There’s been some confusion along the way clearly, with some Aston Villa supporters believing the pair are being valued at €20m each, making the deal worth as much as €70n.

Unfortunately, that’s very wide of the mark.

Iling-Junior has a year left on his contract and when he was being linked to Premier League clubs in March, his price was put at €12m. It had been thought to be higher last year but no club wanted to pay and his value has obviously dropped due to the contract situation.

Incidentally, Transfermarkt value him at €13m, Barrenechea at €7.5m and Luiz at €70m.

Juventus are unlikely to manipulate the value of either of their players in this deal, given the whole world of trouble they got into with the plusvalenza scandal.

There will likely be further reports from the Italian media and it’s possible the claims will change a little, but that’s what is being reported right now.