It’s now time for the Spanish media to report the transfer of Alex Telles from Manchester United to Sevilla, after the deal being advanced was covered in Brazil.

Mucho Deporte, local to the club, writes that the La Liga side are working in the ‘final stretch’ to land the Brazilian on a one-year loan deal from the Red Devils.

The story points out how interesting it will be for Sevilla to count on the player, as they could use him both as a fullback and as a winger, depending on their needs this season.

Regarding the deal, Mucho Deporte has a couple of interesting things to say. Firstly, reporting that Telles’ contract with Manchester United expires in 2024, they point out that there’d be one year left in his deal once he returns to Old Trafford, suggesting that an extension could take place before he moves.

Manchester United so have an option to extend that deal, so maybe they’ll be satisfied with that protection.

The outlet also claims that Sevilla have been more focused on signing young players who can give them, besides good performances, a profit in the future. That’s why Telles, who’s now 29-years-of-age, was targeted only for a loan move, making it sound unlikely Sevilla will work hard to keep him.

So as everything indicates, the left-back is set to be back in Manchester next summer.