We’ve explained for a couple of days how the Valencia media are really keen on the Shkodran Mustafi rumours, despite there not being anything to concretely back them up.

Claims Arsenal made a bid for the player were quickly rubbished, and whilst the transfer seems obvious, it doesn’t appear Arsene Wenger has made his move yet, despite claims in the English media otherwise.

The stories have of course made their way to Valencia fans and, just like they did with Nicolas Otamendi last year, they’re pleading with Mustafi to stay. Super Deporte say fans shouted “¡Mustafi quédate!” as the defender drove in or out the Valencia training centre.

That means ‘Mustafi stay’, and Valencia fans will surely hope it works far better than their similar pleading with Otamendi, who then went on to sign for Manchester City.

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Super Deporte picture fans around Mustafi’s car (image above), and it all looks very well intentioned and friendly. Perhaps they should try the more Italian tactics this time, and get a little aggressive with the player, and also their club.

Still, until something actually happens, Mustafi will remain where he is.