Over several articles about Alvaro Negredo’s possible move to Middlesbrough, we’ve pointed out how he’s been pushed out of the club and in not a very nice way.

Valencia suffered buyers regret ever since they agreed a loan move with Manchester City. The loan agreement had a compulsory purchase clause of nearly €30m, and Negredo was put on wages higher than Valencia should have dished out, it really wasn’t a good deal for the club.

Injuries, form and failing to fit into the plans of those in charge at Valencia, have seen Negredo edged to outcast status.

So much so that the biggest article for Super Deporte right now is about fans making fun of the player, and his teammate Antonio Barragan. Super Deporte is the most prominent sport newspaper in Valencia and often the go-to place for updates on the club.

This afternoon a Valencia Twitter fan account sent a message to Spanish airline Iberia: ‘Hello @Iberia, I would like to buy two tickets to Middlesbrough on behalf of Negredo and Antonio Barragán, for the next flight, thank you.’

Surprisingly, Iberia got involved. When the fan made a comment about the players being lame, Iberia tweeted: ‘If passengers have reduced mobility, you can request special assistance in the airport :D’

Then a reference was made to Negredo being overweight, with another fan tweeting that the striker wouldn’t accept the flight unless there was good catering.

Iberia responded: ‘For that, there’s no worry! There is now the option to order a la carte. There are even gourmet burgers!’

It’s all fun and games, but it shows just how much Valencia fans have turned against the players, and perhaps presents a warning for Middlesbrough.