On Thursday, we covered reports from Brazil which said Thiago Silva would give Chelsea his priority this summer.

Even though his contract with the Blues is about to expire, he’s said to be waiting for a potential renewal, and only in case the chance of staying in London is gone, he’d go to Fluminense.

It was then time for Sentimento_Tricolor1902 to share some news on Instagram, with them claiming to have spoken to a relative of Silva’s wife, who claimed she’d like to spend the rest of her life in London, while the player would accept finishing his career at Chelsea if he gets a nice offer from them.

The player himself ended up commenting on the post, labelling that ‘Fake News’. Then it was time for Belle Silva to show up on Instagram and say a few things about the situation. Her statement was quite long, with her making it clear there’s no decision on Silva’s future yet.

“If he stays here at Chelsea, it will be by choice, if he chooses Fluminense, it will be by choice, it will not be by lack of option, no. Even because, thank God, all these years of career, financially, it was wonderful for us. So we don’t need to play for money anymore, he can play just for the pleasure of playing or for love, the shirt, as it always was. So, like, please, if he goes back to Fluminense, I keep repeating, if he goes back to Fluminense, stay here, continue in Europe, go to Asia, go to the United States, go, I don’t know, to the Emirates, go to the moon. Look, people, the window is closed, there is nowhere to go, nowhere to go, we don’t receive proposals, we have interests, we have interests, but proposals like, ‘let’s stop and pay attention to this one?’ No, we don’t.”

“He is focused on the last months of contract here at Chelsea, trying to help as much as possible, of course, studying the possibilities, studying the interests, of course, that he has as personal, professional intention to still play for another year, year and a half, two years, anyway, but no, there is no negotiation with any club, there is nothing. I repeat, it’s not that I don’t want to go back to live in Brazil, it’s not that the children don’t want to go back to live in Brazil, it’s not that Thiago is commanded by woman, by son, no, it was never like that, people.”

It’s worth recalling that Silva turns 40 in the summer, so if he takes a contract renewal from Chelsea, his return to Fluminense becomes more unlikely.