As Luis Guilherme was already presented by West Ham United and now prepares to have his first season at the club, he went back to Brazil and paid a little visit to Palmeiras.

The teenager’s former side paid the player a little tribute. Quoted by UOL, club president Paulo Buosi only had good wishes about his future.

“He’s an extraordinary boy and one of the biggest sales in Palmeiras’ history. May he have a sensational career, and I’m sure that Palmeiras will never leave his heart and that he will never leave the heart of every Palmeirense. Palmeiras will always be with him.”

Academy coordinator João Paulo Sampaio, who’s often considered the big mind in Palmeiras’ recent success with youngsters, also talked about Luis Guilherme’s transfer to West Ham.

“Happiness and pride. Luis has a cradle and a family that came here with him. I’m happy for Luis. Not only will the club and his family gain from this, but he will too. He’s an extraordinary boy and a human being who will be sorely missed. He’s going to win the world and he’ll always be in our hearts. Brazilian football will have a future with him too.”

Luis Guilherme is also quoted, saying he still has deep feelings for Palmeiras and shall return in the future.

“I’ll always be rooting for victory. See you later for sure.”

West Ham are reportedly paying up to €30m for the signing, with €23m guaranteed and another €7m in bonuses.

The Hammers are landing one of the biggest talents coming out of Palmeiras’ recent generations. Real Madrid are also taking Endrick to Europe this summer, while Chelsea, who are buying Estêvão Willian, will have to wait until the next year when the player turns 18.

Those are all talented attackers, and we’ll see who’ll show the biggest potential.