New Ternana coach Benito Carbone has told the Italian media his experiences at Leeds United will be beneficial in the running of the Serie B side. Carbone worked under Leeds United owner Massimo Cellino as a consultant and the club’s U21 coach for a brief period in 2014.

Ternana News have reported on comments Carbone made after being officially being presented as the coach of Ternana. Carbone was asked if his time working abroad (England) would help him in his new job after two years out of football.

Carbone believes his time working at Leeds United will be a plus at Ternana because of the experience he picked on a coaching basis, but also a bureaucratic level.

“A lot. I had experience at managerial and bureaucratic level, so I can have it all under my control,” said Carbone.

Despite his departure, the former Bradford City and Sheffield Wednesday forward has always maintained the experience he got from his time with Leeds United will help him in the future, and in the past he’s said he’d be always grateful to Cellino for the chance he gave him.